Growing vegetables

Growing vegetables can be split into a number of stages, from sowing seeds, potting on, planting, nurturing and harvesting, and of course each vegetable in your garden plot will have different needs and requirements.

Vegetable GardenMain Crop Potatoes Doing Well

A sowing seed timetable will depend upon what vegetable plant you are sowing, some vegetables will need to be started early to provide a long growing season, other summer plants will need to be planted later to avoid frosts, while some vegetables are sown all year round to provide a continuous crop.

But once your seedlings are under-way, the condition of your vegetable garden plot soil will have to suit the vegetables that you want to thrive there. So the start of your vegetable growing season will have to be the preparation of your garden soil.

Although vegetable growing is more than sowing seeds and planting seedlings in your garden, as each young plant will need to be treated in a certain way before they ever reach the outside, as you will need to pot on and nurture your vegetable seedlings before gently acclimatising these delicate plants to finally arrive at their perfectly prepared maturing position.

But when to plant vegetables in their final growing position is not something that is an exact science, as there will always be some variable condition you will have to think about.

This is where a when to plant chart will help you to keep track of the sowing, potting on and harvesting your garden vegetables.

Tomato SeedlingsTomato seedlings ready to pot on

Not that there is any difficulty in harvesting vegetables as this is the most rewarding part of your efforts, but it is good to know when to expect to be picking certain veg. And there are certainly some growing vegetables picking techniques that you might find useful.

Growing Vegetables Rules Are Often Broken

What we have come to understand through our years of becoming vegetable sufficient is that each vegetable has its peculiarities, and although there are many gardening books that can give you the optimum growing conditions of any individual vegetable, quite often these books offer different advice.

This is because plants are not static things and as cross breeding alters plants preferable growing boundaries, advice has to change.

But as much as the plants are not static, neither are the conditions, and no matter where you are, somehow your soil and your climate will be different to the book you are reading.

This is why we try every trick we can find to grow vegetable plants against the odds, so that our how to grow vegetable guide can offer you the best ways to grow your own vegetables.

Take a look at our A-Z guide to how to grow vegetables, to find the best ways, and the best tricks to growing every one of your vegetable needs.