Indoor Vegetable Garden

Grow your own vegetables indoors - the perfect solution if you live in a cooler climate or have no outdoor space.

Indoor Vegetable Gardens

Indoor gardens fill two main requirements; one is that you can grow your own produce out of season. Or if you have no outdoor space at all, will provide you with fresh greens and other vegetables.

A windowsill and conservatory make the most obvious space to create an vegetable garden indoors, and with full sun and plenty of heat, you could grow almost anything.

In fact, as long as you had the right growing position the only restriction you will have to what you grow is the amount of space these plants will take.

During the summer can you imagine picking tomatoes, salads, chillies and aubergines, all from your glass covered porch or conservatory? Or pinching off and eating grapes at the end of the summer.

Ginger is definitely worth trying, they make an attractive plant, and once you have harvested the root, replant a part of it and you'll have a new plant, it's even possible to grow your own lemons and oranges.

Many herbs do well in pots on the window sill - perfect for snipping into a recipe or favorite dish.

Here are some ideas of what you could be growing in your indoor vegetable garden.

Indoor vegetable Garden With Little Light

Hot Peppers are a great indoor crop

But of course, not everyone is blessed with a garden and a house with plenty of light, although that should not stop you from having a go. 

It is a misconception that all plants need lots of sun, in fact there are a few plants that will never do very well in sunlight, so no matter what the situation of you home, there will always be something you could grow.

As long as you have some light and some warmth in your house you can easily grow shade loving vegetables inside.

As an alternative, all plants need is a grow light, which is the perfect spectrum of light for them to photosynthesize and grow. 

There are many to choose from, including these grow lights from Amazon

Creating an indoor vegetable garden can be more than just growing heat loving plants as there are many winter vegetable that we could also grow, and as most of our homes are centrally heated growing inside does give us a chance to extend the season as well as growing some fruit and veg that we would not usually try.

It is quite surprising what you could be eating from a well-stocked indoor winter vegetable garden.