Creating A Kitchen Garden

Make the most out of your plot and your time by choosing the right crops for your kitchen, and plant them close to the doorway of your house - just perfect to nip out and cut a few herbs, grab a couple of leaves of lettuce for a salad, or pick some flowers to decorate the table.

Flowers in the Kitchen Garden

Traditionally kitchen style gardens would have been separated from the rest of the garden where a structured, ornamental part of the garden is created using herbs, fruit and vegetable plants. But a more modern version could be any garden that is designed and built with the idea of feeding the family with fresh, home grown vegetables.

If you are looking to become veg-sufficient then you will need a fair bit of space to provide all your families needs.  You will have to look at different types of long term storage to ensure that you had enough to fulfill your needs, even throughout the winter.

If you've converted all your land into veg production, some as a traditional veggie patch, other part as raised beds and greenhouses that could mean a lot of vegetable production.

Of course this will not be everyone’s aim, and to convert a whole garden might not suit every family, especially a young family. But once you have worked out your space you will need to choose what you are going to grow, and how you are going to store your crops, so that you make the most of your land and your time to go as far as you can to provide your own vegetables for your family.

If you are short of space you may want to create an easy vegetable garden  that give you a lot of vegetables for the space they take up and are not too demanding. Although these crops are great for producing quantity they do tend to transfer your attention from the garden to the kitchen.

The Vegetable GardenThe Vegetable Garden Mid Summer

Alternatively you could use your kitchen garden to produce main ingredients for the kitchen that would tend to be stored in a cool dry shed. These crops need little work once they are harvested and make life a little easier in the kitchen.

Storing Veg From Your Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Gardens can produce all kinds of vegetables, and flowersPicking Some Tasty Veggies

When it comes to storage other than dry storage you could also look at growing products that you could use to make preserves such as jams and chutneys, but to be honest, no veggie garden could provide you with fresh vegetables without the use of a freezer.

But when it comes to freezing vegetables, it’s not just a case of picking your crops and throwing them in the nearest freezer, there is a process, and freezing your vegetable involves picking, preparing, blanching, cooling and then freezing. Although a lot more work you could also look at making soups and sauces to freeze. They are so handy to have over the winter.

Not all your winter veg will have to come from the freezer though, there are quite a few kitchen garden vegetables that will feed you all the way through the cold spell, and if you have a greenhouse it is quite surprising what you will be able to pick no matter how cold.

But it’s not just vegetables that you need as any kitchen garden would not be complete without a well-developed aromatic bed of herbs.