Vegetable Garden Calendar
March Jobs List

This is the vegetable garden calendar March job list, part of the month to month guide to vegetable gardening. Here is your list of chores for the month of March.

March Jobs List

March used to be the first month of the year until the 1700’s and although we have now adopted the Gregorian calendar, when it comes to growing plants, the dormant part of the year is now over, as the true start to the plant year begins.

This month sees the days lengthen and the nights shorten closer to the spring equinox, and into the birth of the new spring. The days will be starting to warm, but as with any other time of year the weather can be unreliable, and there may still be a few more dying days of winter.

There will be a list of outdoor sowing seeds vegetable garden calendar March job list, which can only be attempted if the weather is warming, but there is no concern as even later sown seeds will soon catch up, and vegetables peas and mangetout will do just as well if started in flats under cover.

You may want to cover your vegetable garden with black plastic or horticultural fleece to help the soil to warm, or wait for nature, rather than forcing the garden on. As the gain is so subtle, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Perhaps a better idea would be to cover the soil with a weed control fabric in the Autumn so that not only do you warm the soil more quickly in the spring, but the weeds are kept at bay over winter.

Some books will tell you to plant that if the weather is good, to plant first early potatoes at the end of March, but as a frost can still turn up, only do this in exceptionally mild years, and always make sure you mound up the soil when the green shoots appear, and keep some fleece handy, just in case.

Watch out for those early slugs

One group of plants that will really start to spring up now will be the weeds, so keep the hoe sharp, and run it through the beds before the weed seedling get too strong. Hoeing will also expose slug eggs, giving wild birds a much appreciated snack, and helping you to keep your slug population under control.

We like to let our chickens have a good scratch around the vegetable beds at this time of year, it helps to keep the garden pests under control. If you have chickens, only allow them  on the veggy patch for a short period as they will add their own manure to the soil which is extremely acid.

Because the weather is starting to warm, any crops that have been over wintered will now start to grow, so it would be a good idea to pull any of last year’s crop to store for the coming months. You may have beet spinach which can be cut for the last time and dug up, leeks should be pulled up, as should any remaining parsnips and swedes.

Vegetable Garden Calendar March Direct Sowing List

If the weather is starting to improve you can sow early beetroot, spring onions, onion sets, salad leaves, shallots, carrots, parsnips, beet leaf and turnips. You can sow petit pois, mangetout and peas either directly or in modules.

Vegetable Garden Calendar March Module Sowing List

Sow lettuce, summer cabbage, cauliflower and celery in modules and leave on a warm south facing windowsill, and if you haven’t already done so, sow tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and celeriac in a propagator. You may want to use an electrically heated propagator, they are quite cheap to buy and well worth using, you could also use an unheated propagator on a warm windowsill.

Vegetable Garden Calendar March Harvesting

During March you could pick the last of the parsnips, swede, beet spinach and leeks. You could also have some veg coming, possible spring cabbage, salad leaves and purple sprouting broccoli. If you had sown carrots in the green house then you may also need to thin the rows, and these thin carrot thinnings make a tasty treat for a salad.